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"weaponized femininity" more like "how to cater to the male gaze and Western beauty ideals while acting like it’s Totally Subversive"


can i please get my 3ds fixed

not like it matters i mean im p sure every single neighbor in my acnl game is probably gone since it’s been broke

god damn


an hour is only 600 vines long


"Shall we order dessert?"

"No thanks… i’m stuffed.

Gonna need this in a few weeks


I swear i didn’t even mean to draw him this time

Speedpaint vid

The term “tear gas” is a misnomer. For one thing, “tear gas” seems to imply something innocuous— you would think it’s just a chemical that makes you tear up. In fact, tear gas is a dangerous, potentially lethal chemical agent which is outlawed under the Chemical Weapons Convention for use during wartime. As the Omega Research Foundation argues: “Less-lethal weapons are presented as more acceptable alternatives to guns. But these weapons augment rather than replace the more lethal weapons. Euphemistic labels are used to create the impression that these weapons represent soft and gentle forms of control. CS is never referred to by the authorities as vomit gas, in spite of its capacity to cause violent retching.” NGO Physicians for Human Rights believes that “ ‘tear gas’ is a misnomer for a group of poisonous gases which, far from being innocuous, have serious acute and longer-term adverse effects on the health of significant numbers of those exposed.”

- What is tear gas? Facing Tear Gas (via gowns) -



petition for ppl to find something other than “the albino” to refer to kaworu as in fics 

"shinji looked at the whitey mctighty, so pale he could be mistaken for a pair of underpants, and"

maybe i need to get drunk


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when teachers touch your shoulder